Arts in Education – Our Mission

The Performing Arts Center’s Arts in Education programs are based on the belief that our audience’s experience begins long before they enter our theaters and continues long after the last curtain call. A single spark, ignited by a thrilling encounter with a live performance or a gifted artist, can inspire a lifelong passion for the arts.

This is why we continue to deepen our commitment to provide K-12 students with a fully immersive educational experience through world class performances coupled with active engagement.

To this end, the Arts in Education department is proud to offer pre-show in-school visits for selected events. During these visits a specially trained Teaching Artist leads students through a fun, educational, and engaging introduction, setting the stage for their visit to The Center.

Active engagement continues after the performance with opportunities to enhance selected events through post-show workshops with the artists.

Our nationally recognized in-school Neighborhood Bridges program, and our legendary day of PAWS: Performing Arts Workshops for Secondary Schools are further examples of initiatives that lead students into an ever deeper personal relationship with the arts.

Discover. Enlighten. Engage.

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