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Five Questions for MUMMENSCHANZ

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Mummenschanz (AiE)

February 24, 2020


This performance is for school groups only. Recommended for: Grades 3 – 12 For more than four decades, Mummenschanz have delighted audiences around the world with their wordless but extremely poetic art. By creating a playful yet compelling experience through the inventive use of shadow, light, and creative manipulation of objects, Mummenschanz offers timeless insight on the human condition. The result is a visually stunning spectacle that transcends cultural barriers, sparks the imagination, and is sure to delight audiences of all ages.

Schooltime Performances

2019-2020 Arts-In-Education Season Here’s a special glimpse of next year’s Arts-In-Education school-time performances program. For more information, call the AIE office on 914-251-6232. Book now and avoid disappointment in the fall! Maddi’s Fridge Based on the book by Lois Brandt […]