L.A. Theatre Works Judgment at Nuremberg

L.A. Theatre Works Judgment at Nuremberg

In the 1920’s there was no television, no internet, no Facebook, no Twitter, the source of entertainment was Radio.  Thus the art form of Radio Drama was created, a source of entertainment in which dialogue, music, and sound effects drive the story.

L.A. Theatre Works is a non-profit media arts organization based in Los Angeles whose mission for over 25 years has been to present, preserve and disseminate classic and contemporary plays.

“L.A. Theatre Works is a national theatrical treasure.” ~ The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Consistently superb work.” ~ Los Angeles Times

“Original, exciting, and…highly theatrical…” ~ American Theatre Magazine

L.A. Theatre Works is the premiere radio theatre production company in the country. The JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, starring some notable actors such as Broadway The Lion King’s original Scar, John Vickery, plus Mad Men and Grey’s Anatomy’s Josh Clark, will perform Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 8:00pm in the PepsiCo Theatre at The PAC, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577.  Tickets are $40-$50, on sale at 914-251-6200 and get your tickets here.

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Watch the preview for L.A. Theatre Works, Judgment at Nuremberg created by the Modlin Center for the Arts.