The PAC Rental Policies

Thank you for your interest in a facility rental. This page provides information regarding the policies governing the rental of all or any part of The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College.


This document provides information regarding the policies governing the rental of all or any part of The Performing Arts Center (“The Purchase PAC”) at Purchase College (“the College”). The staff of The Purchase PAC is responsible for the enforcement of these policies, which are a part of the Inquiry Form for Building Rental. By submitting an Inquiry the applicant (“the Client”) acknowledges they have received, understood, and agreed to abide by these policies. The policies herein will be binding upon the Client. The Client acknowledges responsibility for the actions of all artists, students, guests, staff of the Client, as well as other participants in the event. The Client must inform all participants of these General Policies prior to their entering The PAC. The Client must be present or ensure that an authorized representative is present in The PAC at all times during the Client’s use.

Facility and Services
The Performing Arts Center is a four-theatre complex containing a number of support and ancillary spaces. The PAC’s theatres are equipped with professional sound, lighting, and stage rigging systems. The PAC provides users with a professional backstage and front-of-house crew and a professional Box Office operation. The PAC does not provide producing, production management, stage management, or marketing services.

Facility Use
The PAC is scheduled for the College community and the wider community in the service of the College’s and The PAC’s mission.

The PAC, in consultation with the College’s administration, reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of a request to use the facility, as some activities and events may be inconsistent with the educational mission of the College and The PAC or incompatible with other events already scheduled at The PAC.

There are substantial costs and fees associated with the use of PAC facilities, which are the sole responsibility of the Client.

Clients are responsible for all fees relevant to their event. All individuals and organizations must pay these costs, regardless of formal or informal ties to academic or administrative units of The College.

Client’s use of PAC spaces for events must comply with New York State building and emergency codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The final determination of code compliance is made solely by PAC and College staff.

Mission of The Performing Arts Center
To promote the performing arts at Purchase College and fulfill the cultural outreach and public service mission of the college by:
• Presenting and developing the highest excellence in the performing arts;
• Enriching the cultural lives of the public and the students of the College;
• Supporting professional artists of merit in the creation and development of new work;
• Creating models of excellence and performance opportunities for students.

State support comprises approximately 1/3 of the annual cost of PAC operations. In order to balance The PAC’s budget, we must raise significant donations annually from individuals, foundations, and corporate sources. Income from rental activity contributes to balancing The PAC’s budget and supporting its programs.

The PAC is professionally operated and a unique resource for the College community. It is also the largest and most visible performing arts facility in the region. As an organization with significant capabilities and a multi-faceted mission, The PAC will consider all rental requests in the context of the College’s activities and overall programming as well as its financial obligations and the availability of resources.

Application and Notification
An inquiry for rental booking must be completed that includes sufficient detail to determine estimated costs and to give an understanding of the nature and flow of the event. The inquiry form can be obtained by contacting Ian Driver.

Rental bookings can be tentatively held based on space availability (pending formal application) between three months and one year prior to the date requested. Hold requests further in advance than one year or less than three months in advance will be at the discretion of The PAC staff.

Reservation and Contracting
After the Client has submitted a completed inquiry, PAC staff will review it and determine whether the reservation can be accepted. The Client will be informed of acceptance or denial of the request within one month of receipt of the completed application.

Estimated costs, for the use of the facility, services, labor, equipment rental, and other fees, shall be sent to the Client after the inquiry has been reviewed.

Following tentative confirmation of a rental booking and the Client’s agreement to the estimated cost and conditions a State Revocable Permit (the contract between the Client and the State of New York) will be issued. This State Permit and related forms must be completed and returned to The PAC as soon as possible after receipt but not later than ten business days after the contract has been issued by The PAC. The PAC has not made a binding commitment to reserve space, equipment or services until The PAC receives the signed State Revocable Permit with a 50% deposit.

Client understands and accepts that estimated costs in the State Permit and on which the deposit is based are estimates only, not fixed costs. Requirements often change prior to the event and refund by The PAC or additional payment by the Client will be made as noted in the Financial Reconciliation section below.

Insurance and Indemnification
Prior to any use of The PAC, and throughout the period of the Client’s use of The PAC, the Client shall procure and maintain insurance for its event as described below:

The Client must provide evidence of appropriate insurance protection with limits of not less than $2,000,000 combined single limit (CSL) for bodily injury, $2,000,000 for property damage, $2,000,000 general aggregate. This Certificate of Insurance shall be furnished to the College with the signed contract or no later than ten business days prior to the first day of the effective date of the State Permit agreement. The insurance shall be in effect beginning the day before the permit period and ending the day after the last date of the agreement. For some events the insurance protection limits may be higher than those stated above.

Clients must also provide proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance as well as Disability Insurance Coverage. For Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage, the form that must be submitted by the client (as issued by its insurance carrier) is: Form C-105.2 – Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance issued by private insurance carriers. For Disability Insurance Coverage, the form that must be submitted by the client (as issued by its insurance carrier) is: Form DB-120.1 – Certificate of Disability Benefits Insurance.

Insurance Certificates for coverage of events held at The PAC must contain the following information:

Certificate Holder must be listed as follows:
Purchase College
State University of New York
735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577

Include as additional insured both of the following:
• The State of New York
• The State University of New York
Do NOT name The Performing Arts Center on the certificate.

The PAC can refer Client to insurance brokers who can provide this coverage at a reasonable cost. Please contact Leah Springer for further information.

In no case shall The PAC be responsible for any expenses related to a Client’s event. The Client is solely responsible for all expenses related to its event.

The Client agrees to pay the full estimated cost of the rental in advance of its date of load-in or first use.

• A check for 50% of the estimated cost must accompany the signed, notarized State Permit and completed vendor information forms which are a part of the contract package.
• The full deposit, 100% of the estimated cost, must be received no later than ten business days prior to the first day of the rental.

All checks must be made payable to: PCF – The Performing Arts Center.

Financial Reconciliation

If the final cost of the rental is less than estimated costs and therefore less than the Client’s deposit, The PAC will reimburse the difference to the Client. The Client agrees that, if event expenses are greater than the deposit, the Client will pay The PAC the outstanding balance within ten business days of receipt of the invoice.

If the event is ticketed, The PAC will deduct event costs in excess of the deposit from the event’s box office receipts as a part of its financial reconciliation.

For all paid, public, ticketed events, the Box Office will prepare a report summarizing all ticket sales conducted by The PAC and its online sales agent within five business days of the last day of Client’s event.

PAC Staff is responsible for the safety and security of The PAC and the public and shall manage the facility accordingly at all times. All aspects of the operation and management of the facility, including theatre temperature and ventilation, sound control levels, security, fire safety procedures, and other event management-related aspects shall be at the discretion of PAC Staff.

The PAC will make every effort to schedule the facility so that Client will have sole use of contracted areas when it is in occupancy. However, this is not always possible during the entire period of its use of the facility. The PAC has the right to schedule other organizations and events in the theatre when the Client is not scheduled to be in the space so long as this does not interfere with the Client’s ability to present its event on the schedule as agreed to in advance by the Client and The PAC. The PAC will inform Client of other events that become scheduled near Client’s event. The scheduling of additional events in The PAC during the unused portion of Client’s period of occupancy will not result in a reduction of costs.

The Management Fee reflects the cost of PAC management staff, who work on behalf of the Client’s event. All hourly labor shall be at the expense of the Client. The PAC shall determine the appropriate labor needs for each event based upon Client’s event requirements. All activities and work shall be under the direction and control of a PAC staff member at all times. PAC Management will have the right to approve or reject any personnel proposed by the Client for any reason.

Client Personnel
Client shall provide The PAC with a list of key personnel (along with their functions and contact information) who will need access to The PAC no later than 24 hours prior to load-in. The Client or designated representative must be present or in direct communication with PAC staff as needed from preparation through strike and restore of the event. At no time will the Client or Client’s representative or staff be permitted to handle or use in any way The PAC’s equipment (including sound, lights, projectors, stage house equipment, props, or other theatrical equipment) without the permission of the Management Staff. Persons not directly related to the production are not allowed in the box office, control, observation, or projection booths, or backstage areas during rehearsals or performances except with permission from The PAC.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of The PAC.

Food and beverage are prohibited in the house of each theatre. Alcoholic beverages are governed by College policy and are permitted in The PAC only under specific, controlled circumstances.

Animals are prohibited in all areas of The PAC, except dogs assisting persons with disabilities, and as required on stage for events.

Fire and safety regulations shall be in accordance with College guidelines and New York State codes and shall be enforced by PAC staff as required by the Environmental Health and Safety Manager of Purchase College.

PAC staff must be notified of any planned use of open flame, fog, haze, fireworks, flash pots or other pyrotechnic devices no less than four weeks in advance of the event. These effects can be used only by permission and only under strictly controlled conditions by licensed personnel.

Two-wire (ungrounded) electrical devices, except those that are internally grounded and insulated, are prohibited.

Client shall not erect or operate within the building any engine or machinery powered electrically, manually, or by air or steam, except on stage in approved commercial theatrical devices. No oil-burning fluids, kerosene, solvents, gasoline, or other highly volatile fluids shall be used for any purpose. No device using pressurized, bottled gas is permitted in the building.

Materials or equipment containing asbestos are prohibited.

Directional signs may be posted on campus roads and parking lots no more than 2 days prior to the first event day. These signs must be free-standing (attaching signs to existing campus signs or trees is prohibited) and these signs must be removed by the Client immediately following the event. Within The PAC no sign or banner may be affixed to any surface (this includes but is not limited to seating, walls, ceilings, artwork, and all painted surfaces) without prior approval.

The cost of any cleaning or repair necessary to The PAC as a result of the Client’s event will be charged to the Client, and the Client hereby agrees to reimburse The PAC.

Sponsorship and Fundraising Activities
No events with corporate sponsorship and/or fundraising activities may take place without prior written consent by The PAC. As part of the Client’s application, it must declare and describe all sponsorships, receptions, benefit activities, or other fundraising activities that will occur in The PAC, together with the name of any individual or organization that will be the beneficiary of such an event. The PAC may request additional information about such activities prior to granting approval. The PAC reserves the right to withhold its approval of these activities or restrict the visibility of the sponsorship for any reason.

No person will be admitted to a ticketed event in The PAC without a valid ticket. All events with assigned seating, private events and those open to the public, shall be ticketed events. Use of a theatre, whether the event is public or private, is assumed to require ticketing. If the Client wishes to use a theatre without tickets being issued it must be approved by Center Management.

All ticketed events must be ticketed exclusively by The PAC Box Office. Sales may not take place through any other agent. Fees for ticket services shall be determined by The PAC. They may include a set-up charge, a ticket printing charge for consignment or complimentary tickets, Box Office charge, and a fee based on gross sales. In addition, the ticket buyer’s purchase at the Box Office is subject to an administrative fee of $2.50 per ticket payable to The PAC Box Office by the ticket purchaser and a service charge of $8.00 per order for transactions via phone, internet and mail.

The PAC’s ticketing website shall be the only source of online ticket sales. Client shall not enter into an agreement with any ticket agency, discount ticket agency or box office with regard to an event at The PAC, nor may Client print tickets or otherwise create and sell their own tickets.

At no time shall the number of tickets sold or otherwise distributed exceed the capacity of the venue. The capacity for the venue shall be determined by the seating capacity less any seats removed for sale or distribution, for production or other purpose.

Tickets on Sale
Information for ticketing must be provided to The PAC no less than five business days prior to the event going on sale. Client’s tickets will go on sale between four and six weeks prior to the event or at a time mutually agreed to by the Client and The PAC. No tickets will be printed or go on sale to the public until Client’s contracting requirements have been completed.

The PAC may require that Client’s ticket on-sale dates be in a specific time period to allow appropriate management of ticket sales so all ticketing operations receive the proper attention.

Contract Seats, Comps, and Changes
Client must identify any seats or sections of seating to be made unavailable for sale prior to tickets going on sale to the public. These holds must include seats reserved for production/technical use, VIP seating or Client use as well as seats removed from sale for sightline considerations or any other reason.

The PAC reserves the use of ten pairs of tickets, at locations of its choice, for each performance, at no cost to The Center. Except for four pairs of house and emergency seats, all other unused seats will be placed on sale or returned to the Client no later than 24 hours prior to the performance.

Client must deliver a seating manifest of all consignment or complimentary tickets to both House Management and the Box Office no later than three hours prior to curtain. Client must staff a lobby “Will Call” table to handle any patron issues regarding consignment and complimentary tickets.

Box Office Hours

Box Office hours vary week to week. Evening and weekend hours are contingent on performances. On weekend and holiday performance days the Box Office will open at least two hours prior to the first curtain and remain open through intermission. The Box Office is always closed Saturday –Monday and on holidays when there are no performances.

Technical Requirements Deadline
Client must provide The PAC with the complete technical requirements, including lighting plots, sound requirements and stage plots for each performance no later than four weeks prior to the performance(s). Failing to alert The PAC to special effects that make use of or produce fire, smoke, ice, water, synthetic snow, confetti, balloons or other special effects will be considered breach of contract and may put your performance in jeopardy as well as incur fines. Client must also provide estimated time of load-in, technical rehearsals and load-out. Note that haze, smoke and fog effects require a campus electrician to monitor the fire alarm system at additional cost.

Technical Personnel
All groups using The PAC are obligated to use The PAC’s technical personnel. The size of the crew will depend on the nature of the event and will be determined solely by The PAC’s Production Manager once the schedule and needs of the production are assessed.

Union Affiliation
The PAC’s professional crew work under the auspices of a State University of New York union (United University Professions). There are overtime, meal break, and other work rules for stage crew. The specifics of the work rules are detailed in an attached appendix.

The Center is in the region under the jurisdiction of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local One. However, IATSE crews and regulations apply only if a production employing IATSE staff is present. If Client is obligated or becomes obligated to hire IATSE stage personnel for its production, it must immediately notify The PAC. Similarly, if The PAC becomes obligated to hire IATSE stage personnel, it will notify Client immediately.

An affiliation with IATSE will not invalidate the Client’s obligation to hire and compensate non-IATSE crew deemed necessary by The PAC for the proper operation of the event. Due to the limitations of New York State payroll systems The PAC cannot pay IATSE crews; payment must be made through the union by arrangement with IATSE representatives.

Backstage Personnel Work Rules

Due to the nature of The PAC, it may be necessary during the course of a call for an employee to perform work in one or more venues and / or departments.

The minimum call for any Crew Person is four (4) hours.

The maximum call is eight (8) hours, with a meal break after 4-6 hours before a variable rate is increased to 150%. All time worked over eight (8) regular hours shall be paid at 150% of the variable rate.

Any hours worked between the 12:00 AM (midnight) and 8:00 AM shall be paid at 150% of the variable rate or at 200% of the variable rate for those employees already at an increased variable rate. In some cases strike calls that begin and end before 12:00 AM may be exempt from this rule. (Example: Because the minimum call is four hours, a strike call may be booked from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. If the call ends at 12:00 AM, the call would be paid as four hours straight time. If the call ends at 1:00 AM, it would be paid as 3 hours straight time and one hour at 150% of the variable rate.)

No call shall exceed six (6) hours without a one (1) hour meal break. Every hour worked beyond six hours shall be paid at 150% of the variable rate until a one-hour break is called or the call ends. If an acceptable meal is provided by the User, the break may be reduced to one half hour. If food is provided but work continues with no formal break, the meal penalty rate of 150% will still apply. Meal penalties occurring after eight (8) hours will be paid at 200% of the variable rate. Under normal circumstances, meal breaks are unpaid.

There must be eight (8) hours turn-around time between the end of a day’s call and the start of the next day’s call. Every hour less than eight shall be charged at 150% the variable rate until eight hours is reached. Charges then revert to standard variable rate, but time accrued on the next day’s call will be charged against the maximum call for that day.

Two or more meal penalty infringements for the same hour(s) will result in no more than 200% of the variable rate (double time).

The crew must be broken for fifteen (15) minutes every two hours or two and a half hours. Dress Rehearsals and “Show Calls” are an exception to this rule, but all other rules will apply. Employees will be expected to return promptly to work at the end of a break. Failure to comply will result in the employee’s pay being docked one half-hour.

All crew calls of eight (8) hours or less shall be paid as called. After eight hours, calls are paid for time worked, regardless of the original call length.

Any User who cancels or modifies a crew call with less than 48 hours’ notice will be required to pay a four-hour minimum per person called. Any User who cancels or modifies a crew call with less than 24 hours’ notice will be required to pay the crew as called up to eight (8) hours.

Any crew member that cancels on a call with less than 24 hours’ notice may be subject to removal from scheduled calls. Exceptions will be made for emergency situations.

No PAC crew member may be released or “fired” without verbal agreement between the User and the Director of Production.

Employees are expected to conduct themselves professionally and courteously.

Employees are expected to supply their own basic tool kit (adjustable spanner/Crescent wrench, assortment of screwdrivers, pocket knife, multi-tool, speed wrench, and other such items). The Performing Arts Center will supply larger items such as pipe wrenches, and power tools.

Additional Calls
PAC crew members are freelance technicians who may not be able to continue to work past the originally scheduled call time. In the event that it is necessary to add time to a call or increase the number of crew persons at the last minute please be aware that this will only be possible if: 1) The PAC is made aware of the request in advance; 2) the space is available and 3) the crew is available. The PAC cannot guarantee that it will be able to provide the Client with additional crew members, unless the request is made five business days in advance of the call.

If additional crew work time becomes necessary, and the crew and space are available for this time, then The PAC will not refuse reasonable requests for additional time. The Client, or the Client’s representative, with the power to guarantee, in writing, payment for additional crew hours must be present. Crew hours that are requested after the execution of the contract may be overtime hours.

If an additional crew call is scheduled with less than twelve hours notice, or with less than an eight hour break between calls, then crew members will receive 1.5 times the salary listed on the rate card for their work on the additional call.


Crew members may not be asked to run errands that will take them away from their primary responsibilities or outside of The PAC. The Client must provide or arrange for a runner if non-technical tasks or errands are anticipated.

Stage hands for the Client’s event are drawn from the regular freelance house crew for The PAC. Their responsibilities go beyond the duties assigned to them for the Client’s event. They are on call to maintain and protect the space as well as to assist the Client with its event. The crew’s call may begin before the Client’s personnel arrive and continues after the performance duties are finished; they are required to stay until all audience and performers have left. The set-up, clean-up and lock-up time is a part of the Client’s labor bill.

Stage Equipment
Lighting: The PAC makes available limited “white wash” lighting in the proscenium theatres. Additional lighting instruments are available at additional cost. The time needed to hang additional or altered lighting and to restore the “house hang” will be at the Client’s expense. This work will be scheduled prior to and following the Client’s occupancy and is a part of Client’s use of the space.

Sound: The PAC has available a standard public address system and additional sound reinforcement equipment can be made available based upon the needs of a Client’s event. As with lighting, the cost varies with the amount of equipment and the time needed to set up and restore.

Additional Equipment Rental
Client’s event may require the rental of additional PAC equipment not part of that listed above. Discussion with Center staff regarding the need for, availability of, and cost of this equipment will be a part of the planning process. Any cost connected with the use of such equipment will be a part of the event estimate.

If additional equipment not owned by The PAC is needed, the Client must arrange for the rental of such equipment. The Client shall be responsible for all expenses related to delivery, use and pick-up of such equipment. The PAC does not make any guarantee with respect to the quality and function of such additional equipment. Delivery and pick-up of rental equipment must be coordinated with The PAC’s Production Manager.

If Client uses wireless devices such as microphones or radios other than those provided by The PAC the frequencies of the devices must be cleared in advance, as they may conflict with other wireless communications at the College.

Audio or Video Recording or Broadcast
Client or Client’s agents or representatives may not record or broadcast the event without prior written approval of The PAC. Should permission be granted, equipment must be set up prior to the opening of the house and may in no way interfere with the performance. Requests to record or broadcast the event must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the performance.

Although the use of signs is specifically restricted (see General Facility Regulations) internal signage related to the event may be placed in the lobbies on the day of the event. Regulations and details regarding the form and placement of this signage are available on request. Plans for signage must be coordinated with The PAC’s House Manager, who has final approval.

There are some locations where banners may be displayed by prior arrangement with PAC staff. The PAC also has a limited number of easels available for event signage. They must be requested from House Management no later than five days prior to the event.

If interior signs are needed to direct the Client’s personnel they must be provided and posted by the Client after approval by Center House Management.

The PAC operates a number of concessions in its lobby and public areas, including but not limited to food, drink, merchandise, tours and performances. Client’s activity in the lobby or other public areas may not interfere with Center’s activities in any way.

Food and beverage concession service is provided by The PAC’s Café for most public events. No other food or beverage sales are permitted when the Café is open. All concession sales shall be at the discretion of The PAC and require prior approval. Requests to operate concessions must be submitted at least ten business days prior to the date of the event.

Merchandise Sales
The PAC permits merchandising of materials related to the Client’s Event. Approval must be obtained in advance from The PAC no less than ten business days prior to the event. Client will be charged for the labor hired to sell Client’s materials and The PAC will receive a percentage commission fee of total sales at the rates listed on The PAC’s current rate sheets.

Arrangements must be made if merchandise arrival and storage is needed more than two business days before an event. Any unsold merchandise must be removed from the building immediately following the event unless specific arrangements are made with PAC House Management for storage. If items are stored they must be removed no later than three business days following the event.

Food and Drink
No food or beverage may be served or distributed in The PAC lobby without specific permission of PAC House Management.

The PAC does not provide catering services. Catering for special events must be arranged directly with a caterer. If outside caterers are used they must be contracted by the Client and provide necessary catering and liquor permits. Arrangements for catering must be made by the Client and coordinated with PAC Management.

Garbage resulting from food or beverage service must be bagged and removed to the building dumpsters immediately following the completion of an event by caterers or Client personnel. College custodians are responsible for general cleanliness for the event, not for food-related garbage. The Client is ultimately responsible for garbage removal.

The College requires that all public events have uniformed security prior to performance. The fee for public event security includes University Police officers assigned to the lobby and other areas as appropriate. The number of officers and their assignments are determined solely by University Police based on the size and nature of the event. Additional security may be required for high-profile events at the discretion of University Police. The Client will be charged accordingly for any necessary additional security.

Lobby Usage and Access
Upon written request by Client, the lobbies may be available for event preparation prior to and following Client’s event. If needed, Client must request the specific hours of lobby needs with the Booking Manager.

The large, long Plexiglas structures in the Upper Lobby are collectively a sculptural art installation entitled “Elusion.” They cannot be moved.

If any lobby area is to be used for a gathering or any purpose other than access to theatres it must be specifically reserved with the Booking Manager and appropriate planning for its use made with Center House Management staff. Access to lobby areas before 10:00am and after 6:00pm on a day other than your event day may incur additional costs.

In compliance with New York State law exit doors, fire alarm boxes, AED stations and other emergency equipment and egress paths must not be obstructed. Furniture, equipment, or décor placed in the lobby must conform to applicable NYS code requirements. Determination of appropriate placement and clearances will be made solely by PAC House Managers in consultation with the College Environmental Health and Safety Manager and may not be altered. These determinations are not negotiable.

Sound Control
Live or recorded music and amplified sound of any kind in the lobbies may interfere with other events taking place in other spaces. Consequently, both the use of live music or amplified sound and the volume levels of any such sound will be determined solely by PAC staff and are not negotiable.

Lobby Audio and Video Equipment
The lobby sound system can be used for the entire lobby area or for specific sections. There are two wireless microphones for announcements or presentations and music CDs may be played through the system. The video monitors in the individual theatre lobbies a closed circuit video feeds of inside the theatre. Arrangements must be made in advance with PAC House Management staff for the use of this equipment. Operation of these systems and volume levels are controlled by PAC staff exclusively as noted above.

Other Lobby Equipment
The PAC has a limited number of tables, table linens, and easels available for use in addition to tables and chairs that may be available from College stock. Arrangements must be made with PAC House Managers five business days in advance of the event, as availability varies. PAC linens may not be placed on tables that will be used for food service or eating.

The PAC requires a minimum number of ushers and house staff for all public and private events. The PAC, at its sole discretion, will determine the number of ushers and house staff needed for an event.

The ushers’ primary duty is to ensure the safety of patrons, visitors, and guests as well as to welcome and assist them. They do not serve food or drink, act as custodians, babysit or do other tasks unrelated to their primary responsibilities.

Ushers maintain and protect the space as well as assist the Client with the event. The usher’s call may begin before Client’s personnel arrive and continue after the performance duties are finished; they are required to stay until all audience and performers have left the public areas. The set-up, clean-up and lock-up time is a part of Client’s labor bill.

The PAC does not provide press and marketing services, nor does it arrange for paid advertising or other marketing for Client’s event.

Marketing and publicity materials are subject to review and written approval by The PAC prior to distribution; such approval will not be unreasonably withheld. All event promotional materials must be submitted to The PAC by the Client ten business days prior to the proposed ticket on-sale date or publicity release date. Materials shall include press releases, public service announcements, advertising, posters, flyers, program copy, postcards, invitations, and electronic media.

The PAC does not have exterior or lobby display locations for marketing purposes. Posters and other visual materials cannot be placed on the front of the building or in the lobby areas prior to the day of the event.

Credit to The PAC
Unless otherwise negotiated, Client shall provide for the following credit to appear on all advertising and on the title page of its program above the title:

“Presented at The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College by [insert Client name].”

Client shall refer to The PAC in all materials as:

The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College
Box Office Telephone: 914 251-6200

If The PAC is selling tickets to the general public to Client’s event, we will include a listing for the event on our website at no charge to Client.

When Client returns signed contract, deposit and Ticket Set-Up Form to The PAC, please include the following:
1. A short, two-sentence description of event;
2. The credit to be used to advertise the event; e.g., “X presents Y [artist] in Concert”
3. An approved image in a low-resolution electronic file

Clients must provide their own programs for events. All programs must be delivered to The PAC no later than four hours before curtain time.

10 Business Days Prior to Ticket On-Sale Date
Photographic image for center website submitted
Short blurb describing event submitted
Promotional materials submitted

5 Business Days Prior to Ticket On-Sale Date
Ticket pricing and printing information due

Ticket On-Sale Date
Contract signed
50% deposit paid by check

4 Weeks Prior to Event
Technical rider and requirements due
Request to record or broadcast event due
Notification of pyrotechnic devices due

10 Business Days Prior to Event
Balance of estimated expenses paid by check
Insurance Certificate due
Concession request submitted

5 Business Days Prior to Event
Request for additional crew calls needed
Request for additional lobby equipment needed

24 Hours Prior to Load-In
List of Client personnel due

4 Hours Before Curtain Time
Programs for public events due