Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate sponsorship opportunities can provide:

  • Prominent promotional recognition
  • Hospitality benefits and use of The Purchase PAC’s facilities for client cultivation and/or employee recognition
  • Access to a prime market for corporate products and services. Over 60,000 families from Westchester, Greenwich, and other points in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey attend The Purchase PAC’s events each season.

Corporate sponsorship opportunities range from one concert evening to a series of events, providing season-long exposure. The Center’s expansive, diverse program allows for creative partnerships and marketing opportunities to reach varied market segments.

Enhancements of corporate sponsorships can include creative, mutually beneficial opportunities to promote the association and corporate business objectives. These are developed in consultation with The Purchase PAC’s staff, and may include, but are not limited to, special employee programs, insertions in our concert programs, distribution of e-mail offers, website links, and joint promotions with other corporate sponsors.

For more information on Individual Underwriting and Corporate Sponsorships, please contact Katherine King, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Purchase College.