General Information

Please note that a portion of The PAC staff is still working remotely, others are on hybrid schedules.
For now, email is the best way to reach us!


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Mailing Address

The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College
735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577

Payments to The PAC

If you need to make payment by check to any department of The PAC:
Check payable to: Purchase College Foundation
Memo line: The Performing Arts Center

Phone Numbers

  • Ticket Office: 914-251-6200
  • Ticket Office Fax: 914-251-6171
  • Administration: 914-251-6222
  • Administration Fax: 914-251-6171
  • Press Inquiries: 914-251-6263
  • Production: 914-251-6262
  • Production Fax: 914-251-6220
  • Rental Information: 914 251-6180
  • Prompters Office: 914-251-6272
  • Arts in Education Office: 914-251-6232
  • Lost and Found: 914-251-6209
  • Weather Emergency Line: 914-251-7500
  • University Police: 914-251-6900

Contact The PAC Staff

Tracy Fitzpatrick
Interim Managing Director

Coni Guhl
Administrative Coordinator*


Leah Springer
Booking Manager

Financial Administration provided by the Purchase College Foundation’s Finance Office


Peggy Luy
Interim VP of Institutional Advancement
Interim Executive Director, Purchase College Foundation and Charitable Entities

Miranda Kozak
Director of Development

Katherine King
Associate Director of Development for the Arts


Mara Rupners
Director of Marketing


Ian Driver
Manager, Education & Engagement


Janice Kahl
House Operations Director


Inocencio Palacios
Custodial Supervisor

Custodial Crew: Yampier Affon Bravo, Carmen Carvajal, Maritza Del Castillo, Julio Garcia, Jorge Lara


Christy Havard
Director of Production

Peter Specce
Assistant Director of Production

Justin Herminghouse
Production Technology Manager

Peter Wylie
Lighting Supervisor

Bennett Marrow
Production Coordinator

Oscar Portillo
Technical Assistant

Stage Crew: Gerard Bourcier, Jim Chin, Peter Cole, Paul Copeland, David “Kelly” Duncan, Tim Folster, Lorin Francis, Kyle Frosco, Tim Plummer, Vinny Procker, Lloyd Rothschild, Jason Spoor, Jason Tipa, John Ward, Ed Willock



Tania Mather
Ticket Office Manager*

*Temporarily reassigned



All inquiries from the media, including requests for images, artist interviews, press releases, and press comps should be directed to our Marketing Director, Mara Rupners.



Lila Roberts, President
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