BODYTRAFFIC has surged to the forefront of the concert dance world, recruiting great talent from around the globe to create world-class contemporary dance by distinctive choreographic voices. Join us at The Purchase PAC on April 25 for their only NY-area appearance. We got to ask Lillian Barbeito and Tina Finkelman Berkett, two of BODYTRAFFIC’s founders, some questions. Take a look at what they said!

Q: What sets BODYTRAFFIC apart from other contemporary dance companies?
A: BODYTRAFFIC is a small operation that tours extensively around the world, so it is imperative that our dancers genuinely enjoy and respect each other. Personality is as important to us as technique and artistry are. We look for dancers with exceptional talent who are also upstanding citizens of the world. We believe that our dancers’ friendliness and camaraderie are palpable on stage.

Q: Why the name “BODYTRAFFIC”?
A: We wanted a name that would be unforgettable, and something that would be evocative of both “dance” and “Los Angeles.”

Q: What is it you hope to capture within your dance pieces? What do you hope to communicate to an audience?
A: Ideally, we like to offer something for everyone in our dance pieces. Our programs are typically comprised of works that are thought-provoking, endearing, and entertaining. We hope that our audience members leave the theater more enlivened and emboldened than when they entered.

Q: What dance in the upcoming program was the most difficult or most rewarding to learn?
A: If our dancers were surveyed, they would each have a different response. One dancer might say that Victor Quijada’s RUBBERBAND Method was very challenging to learn because breakdancing isn’t in their background. Another dancer, however, might say that Richard Siegal’s musicality was challenging to master, but that dancing in his work o2Joy is the most rewarding because of its lightheartedness and fabulous jazz music.

Q: How do you prepare on the morning of a performance?
A: Each dancer has their own unique pre-performance ritual, but we all come together to stretch and participate in a ballet warm-up before a show.


Tickets to see BODYTRAFFIC are available by clicking here, or calling The Performing Arts Center box office at 914-251-6200 Wednesday-Friday from 12-6 pm.