Treehouse Shakers was due to present The Boy Who Grew Flowers, a newly commissioned piece for young audiences, at The PAC last month. Instead, we’re pleased to share with you another one of their innovative productions, Hatched.  We’ve also listed a few fun activities that relate to the video, plus a downloadable study guide for use by teachers and parents.

Hatched is the story of a newborn chick who emerges from her shell to a strange, and busy world. The chick is met by a feisty old rooster, a newly born calf learning to walk, a baby lamb and a noisy nest of baby birds. Performed through movement, live music, puppets, and very little human dialogue, the story is set amidst a playful American family farm.


Pre-Show Activities

  • Ask your kids to think about what animals and plants are found on a farm.
  • Pick an animal, or plant, and draw a picture.
  • Make farm animal sounds!

Post-Show Activities

  • Talk about the characters in Hatched. Which was your favorite?
  • Make a farm animal puppet or mask. Act out a day on your farm.

TEACHERS: Click here to download the Hatched study guide.