Maddog and Me: Bullying and the Power of Kindness

Maddog and Me is an engaging and inspiring mix of wisdom tales and personal stories addressed the crisis of bullying in our society. Through fables, myths and stories from his own life growing up in a rough neighborhood, award winning storyteller and educator, David Gonzalez offer insights into cultivating compassionate relationships.

David Gonzalez is a professional storyteller, poet, playwright, musician, and public speaker. He is a cultural ambassador for the U.S. State Department and the proud recipient of the International Performing Arts for Youth “Lifetime Achievement Award for Sustained Excellence“

David Gonzales Maddog and Me










CLICK HERE or on the image to watch Maddog & Me

Post-show activities

  • Ask yourself some questions about the performance. What did you notice, see, hear in David’s performance? What part of the stories are you curious about? Who has the power in the story? What part of the story reminds you of something that happened in your life?
  • Create an anti-bullying poster, poem, or other artwork
  • Create a soundscape  — a story using only sound effects. Click here to learn how.
  • Practice storytelling motions. Walk across the room six times. Each time, pretend something different, for example, your leg is in a cast, you are being chased by a monster, the ground is really hot, etc

Wrap-around Perspectives Lesson Plans for your Students: Neighborhood Bridges in Your Classroom 

Building on the reputation of our acclaimed in-school residency program aimed at developing narrative and descriptive writing in the upper elementary and middle school classroom, we’re pleased to share the Maddog and Me Perspectives Lesson plan to go along with this performance. Click here to view and download.