A Kids Play About Racism

Suggested for grades K-5

Adapted and Directed by Khalia Davis
Lyrics by Davied Morales
Music by Justin Ellington
Based on the book by Jelani Memory, A Kids Book About Racism.

A groundbreaking online performance that explains what racism is, how to know it when you see and experience it, and ideas for what you can do about it.

Forty-one producing TYA theaters are proud to bring this online theatrical experience to schools and families in communities across the country. Lead Producers Bay Area Children’s Theatre, Alliance Theatre, and Seattle Children’s Theatre.

Your trip includes:

  • Access to the online performance (30 mins)
  • Active Audience Guide

NYS Learning Standards: Social Studies 1,5; The Arts 3,4; ELA 2,3
Common Core: ELA-Literacy: RH. 6-8.; ELA: 1,2,3,4,8
NCAS: Responding; Connecting.

Learning Connections: Emotional and social development, self-expression, communication, interpersonal relationships, cultural understanding, theater.