Jazz @ The Center for Classrooms Featuring Pete Malinverni

Suggested for grades 6—12

A new and exciting addition to our Spring Series.

Join jazz pianist, composer, and educator, Pete Malinverni as he takes us behind the scenes of his creative life in this interactive video series featuring interviews, performances, and short introductory lectures on the world of Jazz and its next generation.

As dynamic in the classroom as in the studio or on stage, Pete’s series shares his creative world with your students and introduces the musicians and performers that collaborate with him in the Jazz Studies program at Purchase College. Suitable for middle and high school students of all levels and abilities.

“Pete Malinverni is one wild cat – his playing can be dark, gritty, and oddly rapturous…he digs into the piano and emerges with exotic treasure.” –Philadelphia Enquirer

“Audacious and exquisite.” –Village Voice

Your field trip includes:

  • 5 pre-recorded jazz performances
  • Interviews with performers featured in the performances discussing work and creative life.
  • Pete’s 5-part introduction to jazz music “What’s Going on Up There”

Each video is no more than 15 mins in length.

NY Learning standards: The Arts 3, 4

National Core Arts Standards: Responding; Connecting

Learning connections: Music Appreciation, Musical Instruments, Communication, Language, Listening, Cultural Understanding