The Mermaid Puppets in Paper Workshop

This trip was presented as part of our 2021-2022 season and is not currently available.

Suggested for grades PreK – 3

The Mermaid Workshop is an activity-driven series from The Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, who you may remember from their popular stage adaptation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The series shows children how to create their own puppets from simple resources found around the classroom or home through step-by-step guided instruction. The series, led by instructor and puppeteer Jim Morrow, is entertaining, fun, and educational.

Your trip includes:

  • Ten videos that teach children how to create puppets such as those they see in Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotias’ Three Billy Goats Gruff. We recommend registering for both trips and using the materials in tandem.

NYS Learning Standards: ELA 2; The Arts 3; Math, Science, and Technology 4
Common Core Standards: ELA-Literacy; RH. 6-8:4,5,6
National Core Arts Standards: Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting

Learning Connections: Building puppets and puppet play engages and entertains children while supporting important and key developmental phases. Children are able to have fun while developing:

  • Stronger language and listening skills
  • A greater understanding of complex relationships
  • Improved memory/recall skills
  • Increased fine motor skills
  • Increased problem-solving skills
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Creative play in a risk-free environment
  • Mathematical skills