Paige Hernandez Hip Hop Body Rock #1

Suggested for grades K-5

Theatre and dance collide in bite-size experiences crafted by world-renowned educator and performer Paige Hernandez. This residency features several warmups and a two-part basic hip hop routine You’ll learn moves from Paige’s critically acclaimed show HAVANA HOP while grooving to the electrifying original music of Kris Funn’s The Cornerstore. Warning: after this virtual combo, your swagga may go into overdrive!

Your trip includes:

  • Access to recorded dance lessons
  • Support materials (overview, lesson plans, glossary)

NYS Learning Standards:  The Arts 3,4
Common Core: CCSS. ELA-Literacy. SL
National Core Arts Standards: Responding; Connecting; Creating, Performing

Learning Connections: Math (Counting, Sequencing, Pattern); English Language  Arts  /  English  Language  Learners   (Non-verbal Storytelling: Body Shapes, Gesture, Facial Expression);  Social Emotional Learning (Play and the Arts, Wholistic Brain Development, Self Esteem); Social Studies (Cultural Diversity – Hip Hop); Dance (Coordination, Balance, Spatial Awareness, Choreographic Structure); Music (Rhythmic Patterns, Dynamics, Phrasing)

Paige Hernandez Paige and Friends!

Available starting March 15
Suggested for grades 4-8

Paige and her friends explore creativity and trying something new along with dreams for the future. Paige’s Friends are professional artists in a variety of performing arts careers with whom she has collaborated.

NYS Learning Standards: The Arts, 3,4
Common Core: ELA-Literacy: RH. 6-8; ELA: 1,2,3,4,8
National Core Arts Standards: Responding; Connecting, Creating, Performing

Learning Connections: Creative Arts Careers, English Language Arts, Social Studies, 21st Century Skills, Social Emotional Learning, Theatre, Dance and Music, World Languages and more.