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Please note! This form is for internal use only, by units and offices of Purchase College. If you are not part of Purchase College, click here to submit a FACILITIES RENTAL INQUIRY.

The information provided here will be used to determine an estimate of costs. Submission of this application in no way guarantees confirmation of your event. This initial inquiry must be followed up with meetings or conversations as needed. Event requests will be reviewed and approved or denied within 10 working days of receipt of the application.

No event is confirmed until the required paperwork and financial arrangements have been finalized.

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  • Part I – Basic Event and Producer Information:

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  • *If an off campus co-Sponsor is involved with the event please provide additional information at the end of this form.
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  • *Note - All performance events must have a Production Manager with substantial experience to coordinate and supervise technical aspects of the event. (See College Use Policies)