Ticket Set-Up Form (Rental Events)

Please complete all the fields below so that we can ensure your tickets are set up correctly.

Once this sheet is received, it will take 4-5 business days to set up in our ticketing system.

If you have questions about the ticketing setup process, please email our ticket office managers tania.mather@purchase.edu and cara.kramer@purchase.edu or call either 914.251.6212 or 914 251-6214.

  • Ticket text

    Maximum 3 lines, 30 spaces per line. Note that date, time, price and theater are already listed on the ticket.
  • Please note that a college administrative fee of $2.50 per ticket will be added to all paid ticket prices. For example, if the listed price is $25, patrons pay $27.50 plus the box office handling fee.
  • Discounts

    Check each type of discount you plan to offer, and then enter the corresponding price directly below. ***Do not include the administrative fee below. The $2.50 will be added to any discount prices.***
  • Please enter the price.
  • Please enter the price.
  • Please enter the price.
  • Please enter the price and a description for the discount.
  • Sales Options & Additional Info

  • Please describe any seat kills and their purpose (video, audio, etc). If known, include total number of seats and location. If seat kills will not be needed, please enter N/A
  • Please list any seats you will be withholding from sale and their purpose (complimentary for the organization, levels you do not wish to sell, etc). If known, include the number of seats and location. If you will not be withholding any seats, please enter N/A
  • This will be posted on our web site. The Center reserves to right to edit the text.
  • Please provide a high-resolution image for use on our website and print-at-home tickets. The image orientation should be horizontal (landscape); the ideal size is 940 pixels x 470 pixels.
    Accepted file types: jpg, tif, pdf, Max. file size: 256 MB.