Ticket Set-Up Form (Rental Events)

Please complete all the fields below so that we can ensure your tickets are set up correctly.

Once this sheet is received, it will take 4-5 business days to set up in our ticketing system.

If you have questions about the ticketing setup process, please email our ticket office managers tania.mather@purchase.edu and cara.kramer@purchase.edu or call either 914.251.6212 or 914 251-6214.
  • Ticket text

    Maximum 3 lines, 30 spaces per line. Note that date, time, price and theater are already listed on the ticket.
  • Please note that a college administrative fee of $2.50 per ticket will be added to all paid ticket prices. For example, if the listed price is $25, patrons pay $27.50 plus the box office handling fee.
  • Discounts

    Check each type of discount you plan to offer, and then enter the corresponding price directly below. ***Do not include the administrative fee below. The $2.50 will be added to any discount prices.***
  • Please enter the price.
  • Please enter the price.
  • Please enter the price.
  • Please enter the price and a description for the discount.
  • This will be posted on our web site. The Center reserves to right to edit the text.
  • Please provide a high-resolution image for use on our website and print-at-home tickets. The image orientation should be horizontal (landscape); the ideal size is 940 pixels x 470 pixels.
    Accepted file types: jpg, tif, pdf.