Unfortunately, due some crazy weather out in Colorado, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s spring tour will NOT be stopping here at The Purchase PAC. But this is still fun to read! Company member Samantha Klanac Campanile, an alumna of Purchase College, answers some questions about Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, their performances, and her experiences. Take a look at what she said!

Q: What sets Aspen Santa Fe Ballet apart from other contemporary ballet companies?​
A: The aesthetic and artistry of the dancers combined with the curation of repertoire by the directors creates a beautiful partnership that sets ASFB apart from other contemporary companies in this field. Each artist in ASFB is more than simply a technically proficient dancer; they add a personal layer to the movement and intention of a ballet. The product you see on stage from ASFB is beautiful fusion of personalities and style, while fitting precisely into the unique choreographic aesthetic each piece demands. ASFB’s repertoire is hand selected by the directors, with an aim to showcase living choreographers, as well as the many talents of their current dancers.

Q: Are there any special preparations your group does before a performance?
A: Warm-up class and a pre-piece group circle behind the curtain are tools that ASFB dancers have used since the very first day. It is important for our company to connect with one another prior to a performance. The company always takes warm-up class together, forging a bond that then translates to the show you will see. Our work is so intimate so that, as in any relationship, communication is vital to success.

Q: What dance is your favorite in your upcoming performance?
A: Each piece brings its own in this program, so no favorites! Dream Play takes you on a fulfilling visual fantasy ride, while Jorma Elo’s 1st Flash is full-blast athleticism combined with stunning music and choreography that moves your soul. Huma Rojo will make you laugh and smile with its clever, dynamic movement, while still giving a feeling of sentimental nostalgia. This program as a whole is a favorite of mine!

Q: What advice would you give someone looking to join the company?
A: Besides the obvious amount of work on technique and movement, my advice would be to train yourself to be a smart, mature, respectful, and hardworking dancer. This company travels a lot, spends a lot of time together, moves quickly into new rep, and works fast. The ability to jump into new roles and work well with colleagues is a skill that does not go unnoticed. Being smart about your own body and taking care of yourself is another must. Self-care, prevention of injuries, and a positive attitude with a willingness to work hard are essential in a company of this size and caliber.

Samantha Klanac Campanile enjoys the honor of being the company’s most longstanding member, completing fifteen seasons with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. She returns to the stage after giving birth to her daughter as well as becoming a pre/postnatal fitness head coach with The Bloom Method. Samantha originated roles in creations by Jorma Elo, Nicolo Fonte, and Cayetano Soto, among others, and has performed in over 40 works with the company. She also staged Soto’s Schachmatt on BalletX in Philadelphia, PA. Growing up in Buffalo NY, she trained at the American Academy of Ballet, The Chautauqua Institute, NYSSA, and the School of American Ballet. She began her college education at SUNY Purchase, but earned her BA in the arts from SUNY Empire State College. “It is an honor to be back on stage sharing this art form, and even more empowering now that I can introduce this magical world to my daughter. ASFB has evolved in many wonderful ways over the years, but it will always be my home. I feel lucky to be a part of it.”

The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet performance scheduled for March 16 has been cancelled. If you purchased tickets, please call the box office at 914-251-6200, Wednesday-Friday from 12-6 pm, and we will arrange for an exchange or refund.