Flamenco Legends by Javier Limón: The Paco de Lucía Project are opening The PAC’s 2019-20 Season on October 20. Paco de Lucía was considered by many to be the world’s premiere flamenco artist. He passed away in 2014, but his last touring band, led by guitarist-producer and 10 time Latin Grammy® winner Javier Limón, continues to share his legacy with audiences all over the world.  In advance of the Flamenco Legends’ performance here, we asked Antonio Sánchez, lead guitarist and nephew of Paco de Lucía, a few questions…

Q: For our readers who might not know, what exactly is flamenco music?
Flamenco music is the deeply soulful and expressive music of the Gypsies in Spain, mainly from the Andalusian region, a music of suffering and joy. It’s essential performers are singers, guitarists and dancers.

Q: When and how were you introduced to Paco de Lucía’s music?
I grew up with flamenco as a very young boy, always hearing it in my home. As a teenager, I began studying flamenco guitar with my uncles Paco (de Lucía) and Ramon, and others.

Q: What is it about Paco de Lucía as an artist that makes him stand out?
Paco stands out for his phenomenal  technical talent and for his compositions, which led to a new place for flamenco guitar in modern music.

Q: What song in Paco’s repertoire has a special place in your heart?
More than just a particular song, the 1987 album Siroco is most special to me.

Q: What does “paving a new path to the future of flamenco” mean to you?
For me, it means opening a path to respect all types of music, all kinds of artists, because it’s often the unexpected encounter that leads you to create something new.

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