Backstage with Christy Havard, Director of Production

As we all know dressing rooms are for actors, dancers, and all other artists to change into their costumes, study their lines, shower, rest and relax between scenes or pieces. Well, I thought it might be fun to see behind the walls and into the dressing rooms and find out what goes on when they are being used for anything and everything else.

First, let me tell you a bit about the dressing rooms at The Purchase PAC:
-We have 4 theaters with 4 sets of dressing rooms.
-There are 22 single / double dressing rooms
-There are 16 Chorus dressing rooms that accommodate 12-14 people
-All the dressing rooms spread across an area that is approximately half of an acre in size, which is about half a football field (to give you some perspective).

But here’s the best…over the last few years, many a location scout has decided that The PAC dressing rooms offer the perfect backdrop for a scene in their series or movie.

Check out these photos and play our “Dressing Room Matching Game!” All of these have been shot in our dressing rooms. Can you match the pictures with the events?

Dressing Rooms


The Syfy Channel's Happy


The movie Black Swan


Dressing room moment with comedian Kevin James and my son Toby, one of his biggest fans.


The Amazon Prime show Mozart in the Jungle


A scene from the movie Vox Lux


A prop / character in the play Seven Guitars by August Wilson


Late Night, the movie

Thanks for reading! Next month, check back as I start to introduce our amazing Production team.
Christy Havard, Director of Production, The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College