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6 Aug, 2020

Clothes Maketh the Show

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Ever wonder what goes on behind the curtain during a live performance? In the new series Bringing Backstage Forward our Production Team invites you into their world, sharing insights and tricks of the trade via blog posts, videos, interviews, and [...]

28 Apr, 2020

Backstage with Christy Havard, Director of Production: Theater Superstitions

By |Apr 28, 2020|Behind the Scenes|0 Comments

Theater is a magical place full of wonder and mystery – and superstitions. Some of these have been around for centuries, and are taken VERY seriously backstage. Here are just a few… Break a Leg! This is one of the [...]

5 Feb, 2020

Sometimes Dressing Rooms are Not Just for Dressing…

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Backstage with Christy Havard, Director of Production As we all know dressing rooms are for actors, dancers, and all other artists to change into their costumes, study their lines, shower, rest and relax between scenes or pieces. Well, I thought [...]

14 Jan, 2020

Backstage with Christy Havard, Director of Production: Fly System Rehab

By |Jan 14, 2020|Behind the Scenes|0 Comments

When I started here at The Purchase PAC back in the 2004-2005 season , most of our counterweight fly systems still had manila (hemp) hand lines in their operating system and hemp for the breasting / pick lines. Over the [...]