Welcome to another edition of Meet The PAC Staff! Today we talk to Niamh (Neve) Thurman, who pays the bills, balances the budget, and keeps the lights on.

Business Manager (since October!)

Alma Mater:
American University (Econ/Int’l Relations); Columbia Business School (MBA)

About my job:
I pay the bills and help keep the lights on. A lot of lights. I also pay the people who screw in the light bulbs, and everyone else who makes sure the show goes on. Finally, I work with financial matters among the artists and the community organizations that use our spaces. It’s unlike any organization I’ve worked with before!

Dream job as a child:
Newspaper writer! I worked for a while in local news, then the Hearst newspapers, then the MacNeil-Lehrer Report. Do you know how hard it is to afford a car on a starting journalists salary? I pivoted to a job in economic forecasting instead, and ended up working with the United Nations in Ghana.

A coworker who inspires me:
There are a bunch! In my short tenure so far I’ve seen a lot of people at PAC taking on new or expanded roles with tenacity and grace. It’s a truly positive and rewarding workplace.

An event I’d like to see at the PAC:
A regular student showcase. With all the budding artists we have here in dance, recording tech, music, theatre, all kinds of writing, and a million other disciplines, I’d love to offer our audiences a sneak peek at the things that bubble up among our students when a chance to perform arises.

Interests outside of work:
Outside of work I’m really interested in landscape architecture, and how a site can inform choices in how we live in and use space. Working outdoors makes for unpredictable outcomes and wonderful surprises. Choosing plant materials can be a matter of editing what the site gives us, or overlaying a whole new vision on the spaces we live in outside.

What is your favorite thing about working at the PAC?
The opportunity to see small performing troupes or acts that I might never have thought to seek out—the first show I saw here was Flamenco Legends, and the jazz-inflected performance blew me away!

A fun fact:
For a while I worked in a telecom company and spent several months climbing telephone poles. I’m really good at inside wire!