Soundscape Challenge: Make a Story Using Only Sound Effects!

Can you make a story using sounds alone?

How to Tell a Story








To get started, think on the building blocks of story telling. What makes a story? How is it structured? In Maddog & Me, how does David Gonzalez use sound effects, physical positioning, repetition, silence, rhythm, and emotional climax?

Step 1:
Look around your personal environment and think what would make an interesting sound effect. It probably easiest to keep to no more than three or four items. Practice making sounds with your objects.

Step 2:
Decide the order for the sound effects.
Hint: Reflect on the storytelling prompts of mixing silence, pause, repetition and emotional climax.

Step 3:
Share the soundscape with a friend or relative. You can record it on your phone and send to a friend. It’s fun to guess the items being used, and/or the story the sounds are trying to tell.