The circus is coming to town, and we are super excited! We reached out to the members of CIRCA Contemporary Circus to learn a bit more about them in advance of their November 18 performance of Carnival of the Animals here at The Purchase PAC. The cast came together and took on a question each. Take a look!

Q: Where do you take inspiration from for your performances?
A: Inspiration comes from a lot of different places; books, music, conversations, seeing how a person grooves at a bar, the artists I perform with… I think a lot of life’s encounters are the yummiest offerings of inspiration, how we love, how we fail, the way we connect, the absolute solitude we all experience and the purest beauty of witnessing it all. I also love movement quality, how thick is an action? how serpentine? is the skin electric? are you boney or gooey? the possibilities are infinite! Considering textures and sensations can greatly inspire how I approach our work. – Bridie Hooper

Q: Who do you think seems to enjoy your performances more? Children, or their parents?
A: The great thing about Circa’s work is that it can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Children respond greatly to the humorous aspects of the show as well as the acrobatic wonder. It’s our aim as part of the shows we create to touch the audience on an emotional level, and this is one of the reasons why adults connect so strongly with the work. This being said, certain productions by the company are catered more to children, and others are for an older age group. Throughout the vast repertoire of shows that Circa presents there is certainly something for everybody! – Cecilia Martin

Q: Why is the preservation of the circus arts important to your company?
A: The preservation of the circus arts is important to our company because circus is the tool we use to make our art. I find circus has the ability to connect with many different types of people and audiences. Circus is innately diverse while using the common language of the body to surpass spoken language and speak directly to another human with in their body. However I wouldn’t say we need to preserve the art, so much as continually push it, develop it and explore its possibilities. Preservation may come when there is nothing left to find in circus, but for now we use circus as an art form for creativity and innovation. –Rowan Heydon White

Q: You have performed all over the world; where would you say your favorite location to perform was?
A: For the past several years i have been lucky enough to perform in some of the most amazing, beautiful, quirky and unique venues around the world. I would have to say my favourite place to perform would have to be in Lyon, France. Performing in the ruins of a Roman Amphitheatre to 2,000+ people was incredible. Being on that stage with so much history, in such an amazing location was a once in a lifetime experience. – Nathan Boyle

Q: What is something that is important for audiences to take away from your performances?
A: Something important for the audience to take away with them is change. I hope that they are able to leave to theatre as slightly different people, more enlivened and enriched than they were when they entered. – Todd Kilby

Catch Circa’s Carnival of The Animals at The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College on November 18 at 3pm. Tickets are still available online (click here) or by calling the box office at 914-251-6200. And remember, tickets for kids 16 +under are always 50% the regular price!