Today on Meet The PAC Staff we introduce you to Cara Kramer, Assistant Box Office Manager and huge John Mulaney fan.

Name: Cara Kramer

Position at The PAC: Assistant Box Office Manager

Year you started working at The PAC: 2018

Alma Mater/College major: High Point University / BA Theatre Performance and Technical Theatre

A little bit about your job: Most of the daily functions of the box office include (you guessed it!) selling tickets to our events. I also communicate with our rental clients to help them set up their shows and sell their tickets. Interacting with patrons is a daily occurrence, and I am present on many event days along with our student staff to assist our event attendees with any ticket needs. I work closely with members of other departments to ensure that all concerns are addressed and things are running smoothly, and I enjoy working on extra projects as well!

Dream job as a child: First it was an author/illustrator, which is funny now because while I can write, I absolutely cannot draw. It then transitioned to back-up singer (for some reason I thought a back-up singer was more important than a lead singer? Still confused about my logic there…) and then actress/singer. Before I started performing in school, I would give concerts for my family on a stool in our kitchen. My mother still has the pictures!

A coworker who inspires you and why: Janice Kahl, our House Operations Director, is an incredibly hard worker. I admire her dedication to The PAC and the way she makes everybody feel comfortable and appreciated, whether it is a member of our own staff or an outside client. Her humor and positivity never fail to cheer me up on a bad day!

An event you would love to see at The PAC: JOHN MULANEY!! He is my favorite comedian and his material resonates with so many different audiences. I think he would be a fun and unique addition to any future season. Look up his joke about House Hunters – it gets me every time! (If John Mulaney ever happens to read this, PLEASE COME TO THE PAC! )

Your interests outside of work: I am an active participant at my local community theatre company, where I perform, stage manage, and crew various shows throughout the year. I love being able to engage my creative side and meet new people who share my love of theatre! As an added bonus, The PAC staff has been so supportive of my work there, as many other members also come from a performance or technical theatre background. Staying involved in this community not only provides me with some fun social time, but also helps me relate to our patrons and artists at The PAC!

Your favorite part about working at The PAC: This has been the most supportive environment in which I have ever worked. The PAC is a place where everybody cares about you as a person first, instead of just as an employee. We are able to share details and stories about our personal lives with ease and without fear of judgement. I always have somebody to go to if I need help with a project, and I am always willing to help somebody else out with theirs. The PAC is a place where we all trust each other, and that gives me the freedom to make difficult decisions without the fear of what somebody might say if I make a different choice than they might have made.

A fun fact: Between my sophomore and junior year of college, I studied abroad for a May-term with my choir and my global studies classmates. One of our stops was Salzburg, Austria, home of the famous Von Trapp family! We all went to the shops in town and purchased traditional Austrian clothing, which we then wore on our Sound of Music tour. At one of the stops, we met a photographer from National Geographic who asked if they could take our pictures! I don’t know if those photos ever made it to print…but I did have to sign a waiver, so they could be out there somewhere!