Today on Meet The PAC Staff we introduce you to our (Interim) House Operations Director, Janice Kahl.

Name: Janice Kahl

Position at the PAC: Interim House Operations Director

Year you started working at The PAC: 2007

Alma Mater/College major: Proud Purchase Alum. I majored in Visual Arts.

A little bit about your job: The ‘front-of-house’ of a theatre refers to all areas accessed by the public, including the auditorium. Front of house staff look after the public to make sure their visit is safe and enjoyable. The aim of the front-of-house team is to make the theatre a welcoming place for all visitors, staff and volunteers.

Dream job as a child: Cardiac Surgeon (Seriously. I was accepted into pre-med programs before I chose to study art.)

A coworker who inspires you and why: My job has me interacting with our students constantly. I employ more students than any other agency on campus. They teach me things all the time. Their passion for their arts is always inspiring.

An event you would love to see at The PAC: I would love to attend a lecture by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Your interests outside of work: Comic book nerd. Sci-fi fan. I also play a lot of instruments. My living room is starting to look more and more like a Sam Ash.

Your favorite part about working at the PAC: The camaraderie among the staff.

A fun fact: My spirit animal is the platypus.