Welcome to the newest feature on our Behind the Scenes Blog… Meet The PAC Staff. Each week, we’ll be introducing you to one of our staff members, so you can get to know the people who make it all happen. Today, we feature Justin Herminghouse.

Name: Justin Herminghouse

Position at the PAC: Production Technology Manager
Formerly, in order, Master Electrician, Staff Technician, Production Coordinator, Audio Supervisor.

Year you started working at The PAC: As hourly crew, while a student and after, in 1987. As full time staff in 1994.

Alma Mater/College Major: SUNY Purchase- Theatre Design / Technology (yup, that’s what the diploma says – I graduated before the “Purchase College” rebranding). I like to say that I graduated and then set to work making the College give me my money back.

A little bit about your job: Long version: I am responsible for sound for events, production support systems like dressing room paging and monitors, in-house video / TV, radio and intercom communications, production IT and software, data networking for audio / lighting / other production systems, radio frequency coordination, equipment maintenance and improvement projects, etc. Short version: With the exception of the actual lights over the stage, if it makes noise, blinks, or has an antenna, it is probably my problem.

Dream job as a child: I was either going to be a veterinarian or do some version of what I am doing now. I think we can all see which way that went.

An event you would love to see at The PAC: I am a big fan of circus arts and physical theatre and it is really exciting to see more of that in our programming. However, I also think that another visit by the Kodo drummers is long overdue.

Your interests outside of work: Fortunately, I love what I do because I do a lot of other outside projects for TV and radio when I am not at the PAC. I spend way too much time doing number puzzles. I try to spend a lot of time around animals. (See dream job question above.) I am currently just a few months shy of my 30th anniversary as an EMT.

Your favorite part about working at the PAC: I like to say that any day at work where you do not learn something new has been a wasted day. In all of my years at the PAC, I have had very few wasted days.

Fun fact(s): I have a side gig doing show control and communications for large fireworks displays (New Years in Las Vegas, for example). My music collection has been described as “alarmingly eclectic,” and my currently reigning favorite genre is definitely Celtic punk.